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The organic shapes of the figure are forever changing as a body moves through space catching and reflecting light as it transforms through the shadows of its environment. Even at rest, the figure inspires variations of form and color as it moves slowly with each inhalation of breath. I am driven by my attempt to capture the energy of movement in pencil and paint. Watercolor allows me to explore unknown territory from which I extract the suggestion of one or more figures interacting with the surrounding space. Oil paints challenge my ability to stay focused on a moment of action prolonged over a long period of execution. Pencil and ink are simply a delight, dancing across the paper as swiftly as the figure before me moves to the rhythm of the music that fills the air. Though my work is diverse, ranging from detailed landscapes to totally abstract fields of color and juxtapositions of lines and shapes, I return to the figure to regain my sense of balance and to renew my spirit. Chris Carter

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